Storm Damage Roof Repair

Wind Storm

Storm Damage

Dealing with a storm-related loss? Time is of the essence to get your roof repaired. The longer you wait to repair the damage, the faster your home risks getting water and compounded damage. Schedule your FREE inspection and estimate with Glacier. We will come to your home or business to thoroughly inspect the damage.

Severe weather continues to be an issue for home and property owners across the Inland Northwest. With three decades of experience across our team, we understand all aspects of dealing with storm damage and want to provide some tips below!

What damage can homeowners look for?

Missing Shingles
Shingles On The Ground
Accelerated Granule Loss
Edge Of Roof Curling
Damaged Soffit or Fascia

What to do After a Storm


Assess the situation

Document as much as you can! Any notes, pictures, and dates you can document will be very helpful. If you have an emergency need, proceed with filing an insurance claim


Get an inspection

Do not repair anything. It may look like the damage is not extensive. from the ground but upon a closer inspection, we may find much more damage caused by the storm.  


file an insurance claim

Glacier helps with every step of the insurance claim process! We keep the process simple and hassle-free for the homeowner.

Insurance claim restoration

Insurance companies can make this process very complicated and very frustrating. We can help you through the entire process from identifying storm damage on your home/property, billing the insurance for the remaining funds to providing a customer walk-through to ensure you are 100% happy with the project.

From our years of experience in insurance property claims, we have developed strong working relationships with many of the nation’s leading insurance companies. Whether your home was damaged by a storm or fire, our knowledge of the insurance industry helps make the process as easy for you as possible. Glacier will work with your insurance company to ensure your settlement covers the costs of materials and labor you need to get you roof good as new.


You can also elect to go above the insurance settlement to upgrade to superior products or have additional work done. For instance, you may have standard shingles now and upgrade to architectural shingles. Or, maybe you decide to add gutters when having your roof done to solve a drainage problem that is causing your basement to dampen. Many of our customers seize the opportunity to make their property better than ever before!

Need financing for a new roof?

We’ll help you compare pre-qualified rates in less than 2 minutes and offer helpful tips to match you to the right financing.