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Wood Shake Roofing... Is This a Thing of the Past?

Wood SHake

For decades, wood shake and wood shingle roofs dominated the roofing marketplace with a solid, long term investment in a home or building’s structure that could last for 30 plus years.  These days, we are finding that not to be true, unfortunately.

Some of the major disadvantages of wood shake / wood shingle roofs are: 

Fire Rating
Unless the roof has been treated, the wood roof usually gets a Class C rating (Class A is the best rating).
Wind Rating
Has no wind rating
Impact Resistant Rating
Has no hail resistance rating. Many roofs today have a Class 4 or Class 3 rating.
Financial Costs
Many insurance companies do not provide full coverage for a wood shake roof because of the high-risk nature of the wood products themselves (due to #1, #2, #3). Therefore, if you ever do have an issue or claim you will experience a very small if not any payment for roof coverage (usually ACV - Actual Cash Value coverage)
High Maintenance
Wood shakes are natural split wood. They naturally crack, split, break and expand and contract even after a couple of years from installation. They also need maintenance or an applied stain/protectant every 6-8 years. Unfortunately, most homeowners don't provide this maintenance. Second, further maintenance issues include: insects, wasps, bees, squirrels, raccoons, etc. infest the wood product and provide further issues with the roof. Lastly, the wood shake quality has decreased substantially since the early 1990's. Old growth forests are a thing of the past, therefore wood shake roofs no longer last 40 years and you may see 15-20 years maximum out of them.
Warranty and Repairs
Most have no manufacturer or workmanship warranty. Repairs can often be very extensive thus doing repairs can expensive and repairs have no valid repair warranty.

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