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Glacier owner has found great success in the home improvement industry through integrity, grit, and hard work. Learn from one of the leading exterior home improvement experts in the Northwest.

The effort you put in will pave the way for what you get in return.

After almost two decades of being in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial-type ventures, Dave has found that the roofing industry is an undiscovered opportunity for the right individual.  

From an aspiring Area Sales Leader/Regional Manager to a position in the company’s support team, every rung on the ladder of success begins with a single step.  Discover the top 10 reasons why YOU should consider venturing into the roofing and home improvement industry.

Take it from Dave,

Often I am asked, ‘What made you choose the roofing industry?’ As cheesy as it may sound, I’ve always felt that it chose me. The following is key information on what I have found to be helpful in my 15+ years in the home improvement industry:

Dave Hageman

1. What’s A Home Without A Roof?

Answer: It’s not

A roof is essential. It doesn’t matter if your home has all the fancy aesthetic upgrades you desire, what matters most is that it’s safe and that all the elements do not get in. Building owners are always candidates for either maintenance or replacement of their roofing system.  U.S. roofing contractors are now in their fourth consecutive year of improved profitability and double-digit increases in sales, according to data from Sageworks, a financial information company. 


Not only do we have increased opportunity with insurance restoration (wind/hail storm claims) but property owners see the value in improving their investment by replacing their roof, upgrading their exterior, or doing some repairs to get top dollar on that upcoming listing.  Roofing truly is a recession-proof industry.

Dave Hageman
Velux Rep

2. Become An Expert

Little to no construction experience? No problem, Glacier provides you with the knowledge and training you will need to start a successful career as a Sales Project Consultant. You must put in the work, be dedicated, and be eager to learn, with these three important traits this sales career may just be the perfect fit. There’s plenty of growth potential for anyone who embraces challenges, and honestly, there is something always new to learn.  Almost two decades into this, I STILL learn something new.  Everyday.  Therefore, if you like to learn, develop yourself and others around you, this could be a good fit.

3. Build Relationships

Selling a roof is not just about knocking on doors, servicing leads, and providing inspections and estimates.  Successful sales in any industry require building trustworthy relationships with your customers as well as everyone in contact with that roof/home/property.  When you’re in roofing sales, you’ll utilize listening and analytical skills to help provide solutions for your customers. This is a rewarding benefit if you genuinely like helping people make important decisions.

4. A Career for Leaders

Most sales-based careers are built on a commission platform. With this position, we don’t tell you when to “clock in and clock out” and you will have complete flexibility of your sales/marketing schedule.  The majority of your days will be spent seeking and building new business connections while managing your clients’ projects. Independent and determined individuals who crave self-reliance find this aspect of the job to be an ideal fit.

The opportunities are LIMITLESS.

You can even turn your sales career into a side-hustle! We have sales representatives who own businesses that are pulling $80,000+ a year in revenue just from being a Glacier Sales Project Consultant. You can too!

5. Give Your Bank Account A Glow Up

According to Zip Recruiter, the average 2022 annual pay for a Roofing Sales Representative across the U.S. is $73,994 a year.

A Roofing Sales Representative’s annual salary ranges from $20,000 to $113,500 nationally. This small spread of $92,000 indicates Roofing Sales Representative salaries are seeing little change across the country.

Are you stuck in a dead-end job that doesn’t pay you what you’re worth? A career in sales is something to consider. If you are looking for a “side hustle” that may quite possibly replace your full-time career’s income  (this is exactly what happened to me).  Humbly speaking, this industry has been so good for me and my family. 18 years later I still get that “rush” with this sales career that I have found with nothing else.    

6. Gain Priceless Skills

Learning a new skill is always beneficial for your resume and future employment opportunities. If you come from the construction field and wish to work in a “pen and paper” environment versus picking up a hammer, a sales position is a great option. You’ll develop a transferable skill you can take nearly anywhere.  

7. Boost Your Confidence

Rejection isn’t easy, but it’s part of learning.  As your sales tactics improve, you’ll master the basics of exploring customer needs and overcoming objections. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively with your buyer to earn their trust. This will build your confidence and help you build a pipeline of sales in the short term as well as a huge referral pipeline for the long term.

8. Becoming Intuitive = Happy Customers

Selling is about giving people what they want before they want it. If you don’t listen and acknowledge the concerns of a buyer you’ll have a difficult time closing. The best sales professionals are avid listeners who understand how to adapt to different personalities and purchasing types.

9. Get Satisfaction In Your Achievements

Nothing feels better than closing a sale when you’ve worked diligently to influence a customer’s buying decision and earn their trust. Knowing that you’ve accomplished both can boost your pride and help you feel satisfied with your work.  We also take huge pride in installing only the best materials for our customers and installing everything at the highest standards of quality.  I’ve seen the other side, it isn’t pretty.  When more storms come through and your project has zero issues, that’s how you know it was a job well done. This is what inspires me to continue to sell how we sell at Glacier.

10. Freedom

Hate being tied to a desk all day? Sales careers like this one provide flexibility from the “A-typical” work environment. When you work as a roofing/home improvement sales professional you will create a schedule that is most effective for your jobs, prospective clients, as well as you, and your family. As long as you are driven to work hard, your day and pay will always be what you make of it:  Unlimited Growth,  Personal Accomplishments, Satisfaction, and Freedom from the ties that bind most.  

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