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Why Choose Malarkey for your next roof

Watch the video above to see why Glacier LOVES Malarkey shingles. Glacier only puts the highest quality of materials back into your home. We are quite particular about what we put back into your home or business, knowing that the lower-priced products won’t save you money in the long run. 


What's To Love?

Nail Zone

The Zone®

Malarkey was the first to engineer a larger nailing area called The Zone. How does The Zone benefit homeowners?

  • Greater accuracy
  • Less blow-offs
  • Less leaks

Ensuring insulation speed and accuracy, it also helps prevent missing shingles and water damage. The larger nailing area allows every nail to hit and penetrate both shingle layers, reducing the chances of uplift and blow-off. These features save homeowners time and money in the long run. 

See how Malarkey zone nailing area compares to others:



At Glacier, we love to put high-quality products into each project. We highly recommend Malarkey to home or business owners looking to improve their property.
Malarkey’s industry-leading rubberized asphalt technology is superior for all-weather resilience and a longer product lifespan. Four simple but necessary ingredients make up these high-performing shingles.
Roofing Asphalt- For weathering and waterproofing
Virgin Rubber- Extra strength and flexibility to endure weather extremes
Upcycled Rubber- Adds strength and flexibility
Upcycled Plastic- Increased durability from plastic bag polymers



Cleaning up our environment is something we highly value. Not only does Malarkey diverts upcycled rubber and plastic from landfills, but they also help clean the air of emission-based pollutants with smog reducing-granules. Another great perk about the copper granules on Malarkey’s shingles is moss prevention! This is great for those who live in wooded or moist climates.

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Within our collective experience of over three decades, we have installed most if not every type of roof system. In fact, from one shingle brand to another, the difference in lifespan can be substantially less if you select brands other than Malarkey.
For added peace of mind, Malarkey products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Glacier is an Emerald Premium level Malarkey Certified Contractor which extends the length of your warranty.

Malarkey History


Malarkey was founded in 1956. Since the beginning, they have had huge innovations within the industry. They have not had a single class-action lawsuit for material defect, thus proving how much they care about quality over quantity. Glacier is proud to be partnered with Malarkey and share the same values.

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