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Glacier only installs the highest quality materials on every roof we touch to ensure our clients are happy and satisfied with the services we provide. Installing the cheapest option doesn’t save you money in the long run when buying a roof. Your home is one of your biggest investments, which calls for the finest materials to protect your investment. Upgrading the roof or exterior of your home adds over 80% to your home’s value. For example, a $20k roof will add $16k to the value of your home. Get a roof that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to protecting your home from fire, wind, hail, snow, and rain. Where do you find such a roof? This blog has the answers you’ve been looking for! Have one of our professionals assist you in installing your premium home’s roof.

The following are all high-quality materials that are low maintenance, fire-rated, impact-resistant, and long-lasting.

Decra Spanish Tile


Decra has created the ultimate roofing material that withstands anything mother nature has to throw at it, Stone-Coated Steel. It comes in a variety of styles and colors. Underneath the striking exterior is layers of pure protection. Not only can stone-coated steel combat extreme weather conditions, but it also is the most energy-efficient roofing material on the market. When compared against standard 3-tab shingles, Decra metal roofs increase energy efficiency by up to 218%. 

Brava Slate Tile


Looking for an alternative to Spanish clay tile, natural slate, or cedar shake? Look no further. Brava’s composite roofing products last longer, are far more durable and are much more aesthetically and architecturally pleasing. Making it the BEST alternative to asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, or slate, shake, and clay tiles. Brava’s materials have the most realistic look no matter what type of style you desire to put on your rooftop. They are also 100% made out of recycled plastic. It’s a win win win for you, your premium home, and the environment!

Brava Slate Tile
CeDUR Composite Wood Shake


Dubbed the most realistic wood shake shingle ever made, CeDUR’s composite wood shake has the authentic hand-split wood look down. This product will give your home classic wood beauty without the constant maintenance and headaches inherent in real wood or alternative roofing materials.

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