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Another layer of shingles - good or bad?

2 layers of shingles

You might ask yourself, could I just put another layer of shingles on my roof? There is not one answer but in short, we would recommend that you don’t. Some roofs can have multiple layers and material types BUT it all depends on your area and the codes and requirements that they have. The good thing is, we know all the code and requirements so we can help you figure that out!

Ask yourself, how many layers does your roof have? If you don’t know that’s okay, we can inspect your roof for free. While it may seem like adding another layer could save time and or labor costs, you really are just stalling until you will finally need a replacement. 

You may have water leaks that you don’t know about or damage to the existing structure. If you throw another layer on, you are just covering up existing damage that will catch up with you later. You need to have a good foundation for your roof. Not only should you have solid decking and shingles, but you should also have ice and water shield, flashing, and underlayment. 

Considering we live somewhere where there is lots of snow in the winter, the weight of the snow and your roof is also something to consider. 

In the long run, it is not advisable to keep putting on layers of shingles, and you should never put different types of shingles on top of each other. The good thing is, you have insurance for a reason and if there is an occurrence such as a wind or hail storm, you could get your entire roof replaced and only have to pay your deductible! We do it every day!

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